The Falls and Balance Research Group, Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), formerly Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute (POWMRI), administers the NSW Falls Prevention Network and is funded by NSW Department of Health.


The purpose of the NSW Falls Prevention Network is to:

  • support a network of clinical and non-clinical people who have a role in falls prevention (eg health professionals, community and residential aged care providers, families and carers) by promotion of falls prevention as a key health issue
  • provide falls prevention forums (at a minimum twice a year) to highlight latest research evidence and falls prevention initiatives relevant to NSW Health facilities, other healthcare facilities and the wider community
  • encourage collaborative projects and research and undertake specific literature reviews that support translation of research into practice
  • support the development of falls prevention best-practice models of care
  • provide information on current State/Commonwealth issues in relation to falls prevention
  • support activities that help increase public awareness about the risk factors and consequences of falls


The goals of the NSW Falls Prevention Network are:

  • contribute towards falls prevention and reduction in the incidence of preventable falls injuries among older people across New South Wales
  • support consultation, cooperation and liaison between services, facilities and all key stakeholders
  • support key falls prevention priorities for NSW and provide information and resources to support strategies for implementation
  • promote and support research activities in relation to falls injury prevention.

Further information on the NSW Falls Prevention is available at http://fallsnetwork.neura.edu.au/