NSW Health is an important part of the NSW community and a major responsibility of the NSW Government.

The NSW Health system comprises the NSW Minister for Health, the NSW Minister Assisting the NSW Minister for Health (Mental Health and Cancer), the NSW Ministry of Health and Public health organisations.

The NSW Minister for Health is responsible for the administration of health legislation within NSW.

The NSW Ministry of Health is responsible for ensuring that the people of NSW are provided with the best possible health care. The Ministry monitors the performance of the NSW public health system and supports the statutory role of the NSW Minister for Health.

Public health organisations include 15 Local Health Districts, the Ambulance Service of NSW, the Children's Hospital at Westmead, Justice Health, and the Clinical Excellence Commission.These organisations plan, deliver and coordinate local health services. They are responsible for providing services such as public and community health, public hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, emergency transport, acute care, rehabilitation, counselling, and many community support programs.

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