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Phone: 0421 077 355

Program Details

Slow Flow Yoga is a creative, slower paced class incorporating a blend of Vinyasa (breath focused dynamic flowing poses) and Hatha (longer held poses). The slower pace encourages connection of mind, body and breath, along with an opportunity to find mindfulness within the movement. It is great for those who would like to build strength, stability and awareness and decrease stress levels, cultivating a sense of calm.

Classes incorporate flowing and longer held Yoga poses that are standing, lying and seated on the floor. There is a mixture of gentle and more challenging poses, breathing techniques and meditation. Options will be given throughout the class so that you can practice in your own way, making the practice safe and accessible.

Opening Hours:

Friday 12pm


$8-$12 per class/visit

Target Age:

50 Plus

Participants who would not be suitable for the program:

Those who have challenges getting up and down from the floor may find this class a little challenging. They may incorporate the use of a chair to assist them or attend Chair Yoga instead which would be more tailored to their needs. If there are any health issues or recent surgeries please advise before the session and be sure to obtain clearance from the doctor before commencing.

Special requirements or conditions:

​Bring a mat and any props you would like to use. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Minimum Experience:


Healthcare Clearance Requirement:


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