Q. Are you active and on your feet?

Being physically active is important to stay well, independent and to do everyday tasks.

Do balance and strength exercises.

Q. Is your vision changing?

As we grow older our vision changes. We do not see as clearly, are less able to judge distance and depth, and adjust to sudden changes in light.

Have your eyes checked.

Q. Are you taking medications?

Some medicines can increase your risk of falls, especially those taken for anxiety, depression or difficulty sleeping. Medication may make you feel drowsy, unsteady, dizzy or confused.

Talk to your Doctor

Q. Are your feet sore?

Feet can change shape and lose some feeling. Painful and swollen feet make it difficult to walk and some shoes or slippers may cause you to stumble or trip.

Have your feet checked and wear comfortable, firm-fitting, flat shoes.

Q. Are you deficient in Vitamin D?

Being deficient in Vitamin D can affect your bone and muscle strength as this vitamin helps our bodies to absorb calcium from food.

Talk to your doctor or visit www.osteoporosis.org.au


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