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Staying active reduces our risk of a fall, which helps keep us independent and improves our overall health and well-being.

Staying Active and On Your Feet, a consumer falls prevention resource, is available below. It will provide you with information and ideas on ways to reduce your risk of falling.

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Viewing Instructions for Staying Active and On Your Feet

There are three ways to view Staying Active and On Your Feet:

Staying Active and On Your Feet booklets have been translated into the following languages for you to download and print. Please note these versions are not available for request as printed copies.


Download a PDF version of Staying Active and On Your Feet. Not only is this a good way to view the publication, but you can also print a copy of the resource from this screen if you wish.

A PDF reader such as Acrobat Reader is required to open this file. If you don't have a Reader, you can download Acrobat Reader here and follow the prompts to install it.


Staying Active and On Your Feet is also available to view in Chapters as follows:

Women performing tai-chi

performing leg lifts in the home

Person drinking a glass of water

Person running for exercise

Person opening a medicine bottle

Staying Active

Exercise at Home

Healthy Eating

Your Health

Your Medicines

Person performing tai-chi exercises

Rocks stacked on a beach

Stepping up on a step exercises

Two friends talking while walking

Smiling person playing chess

Health & Lifestyle Checklist

If You Have a Fall...

Home Safety Checklist

Fall-Proof Yourself

Useful Contacts

Find an Exercise Program